Tea Bar

Come in to our relaxing Tea Bar and choose from our wide range of functional health drinks or indulgent sweet beverages

We have a range of phytotheraputic, aromatherapy and traditional teas. Nootropic brain optimising coffees. Luxurious hot chocolates.

Warming bone broths.
Fruity Bubble Teas.
sweet Nitro Teas.

If you looking to improve your health, try something new or just relax, come take a seat or grab something to go.



English Breakfast– Green Dragon Well -Chinese green tea

White Silver Needle – white tea often drank by women in china to keep the skin women in china to keep the skin young.

Sencha -Japanese green tea

Raw Puerh -Tibetan fermented tea, probiotic for gut health


Homemade Chai – our own blend of spiced tea with condensed milk

Matcha – premium antioxidant rich Japanese powdered tea.

Iron Buddha – famous Chinese tea with a floral taste.

Rock Tea – mineral rich, stimulating Wuyi mountain tea

Infinitea – our own blend of white, green, oolong, black and puerh teas, containing the health benefits of multiple teas.

Tranquilitea – our signature blue/purple tea, sweet and floral, nourishing to the blood and kidneys


Golden Latte – a turmeric based coffee that contains ingredients to accentuate turmeric’s benefits

Keto Coffee – Coffee with Grass fed butter and MCT oil , to promote the bodies release of ketones.

Creatine Coffee – High Caffeine Robusta Coffee with Creatine to maximize cellular energy

Nootropic Coffee – Coffee containing our natural nootropic stack, to increase brain power and the growth of new brain cells.


Serenitea – a blend of Chinese herbs to aid relaxation and improve sleep quality

Vitalitea – a blend of Chinese herbs to tonify the blood and qi

Immunitea – a blend of Chinese herbs to strengthen the immune system
Fertilitea -a blend of Chinese herbs to improve female health

Virilitea – a blend of Chinese herbs to improve male health


Black Tea and Bergamot oil – our homemade Earl gray

Green Tea and Lemon oil – lemon oil to increase the absorptionion of antioxidants in the body

Oolong Tea and Peppermint oi – our homemade Moroccan mint teal

White Tea and Ylang Ylang oil – combination to maintain healthy skin.

Puerh and Fennel oil – combination to maintain a healthy digestive system


We have formulated and named these teas based upon the 5 Element philosophy of Traditional Medicine.

All of our teas are herbal and contain only the natural colours of the herbs used within them.

White Tiger tea.
strengthens and repairs the lung, easing breathing while improving the immune system.

Black Turtle tea.
Tonifies the kidney Yin and Yang, improving fertility, strengthening the bones and hair and promoting longevity.

Azure Dragon tea.
Improves the kidney and liver function. Sharpening vision and stimulating sexual performance.

Vermilion Phoenix tea.
Calms the heart and mind. Cools the blood while Improving sleep and focusing brain power.

Golden Buddha tea.
Nourishes the Spleen and Blood. Improving circulation, overcoming fatigue and improving the digestive system.