Bio – Paula Recabarren Acupuncturist and Make-Up Artist

A little about Paula,


Paula is one of those amazing and uniquely talented individuals in the world, who has applied herself to become the best at what she does and is always looking to advance her knowledge and understanding within her field of expertise. Today this shows itself in her understanding and application of acupuncture in treating a multitude of conditions, however her journey started over 25 years ago as a makeup artist.

Charlotte Ritchie Lily Cole and Simon Bird For Trafalgar Studios Photographer Shaun Webb

Charlotte Ritchie Lily Cole and Simon Bird For Trafalgar Studios Photographer Shaun Webb

Attending what is renowned as one of the best in the world, she studied at the London College of fashion, her goal, to become the best in the world and known as the makeup artist to call for A-listers and top film producers. She achieved this and more, working with the likes of Rolex, Sony, The Royal Opera house as well as top names such as Tom Cruise, Kate Winslet and Daniel Radcliffe to name just a few.


Her career took her around the globe from location to location and she found herself looking towards the future and the one subject that she had always been passionate about, Acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs.


This is Pippa Middleton  For Waitross  Photographer Mark Harrison

This is Pippa Middleton. For Waitross. Photographer Mark Harrison

She then went on to spend another 4 years training in this field and has already established a name for herself, drawing clients from around the UK to come and see her, they comment on how safe and supported they feel on their journey to better health and an understanding of not only what may be out of balance, but why and more importantly what to do to begin the journey of wellness.


There is no doubt that Paula is a multi-talented individual and we are very happy that she will not only be offering acupuncture at 5EWellnessLab, but for those of you that would like to have that extra pampering experience from a world talented makeup artist, she will also be doing bespoke sessions.

Make up lesson £60

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